World Green Car Award accorded to BMW i8


For the second time in succession BMW i clenched finish at the globe automobile Awards within the class World inexperienced automobile. Following the success of the strictly electrically driven BMW i3 the previous year, the BMW i8 was awarded this exalted award at the New York International Auto i8The sports car’s combination of groundbreaking plug-in hybrid drive technology and innovative light-weight construction along with its avant-garde style was worthy by the international jury at the globe automobile Awards. The BMW i8 was conjointly one amongst the finalists within the class World Luxury automobile at the globe automobile Awards 2015, thereby stressing its special position.BMW i8The BMW i8 is that the initial plug-in hybrid vehicle factory-made by the BMW cluster. It combines the performance of a sports automobile with the fuel consumption and emission figures of a automobile vehicle.BMW i8The BMW i8 is driven up to 37 kilometres beneath power alone, accelerate within the sort of a pedigree sports automobile and nevertheless its average consumption is that of a subcompact car.

Source: Autobei

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