Prince Henry Vauxhall Vs Oldsmobile rocket 88


Before the onset of First World War, Germany was on the rise, struggling to assert its place in the world. Advancement in technology proved to be a significant factor that transpired the first sports car. The birth of supercar can be dated back to the history of sports car, as the later can be rightly called the ancestor of the former. On the contrary, Muscle car was cradled in the U.S. during the 1940s, synchronously as the United States emerged a super power after the Second World War. As U.S. achieved supremacy post world war, muscle cars were made to dominate the automobile sector. Increasing desire for faster cars further escalated the demand for this new breed.

Low to ground, light weight, powerful engine, precise handling, aerodynamics and eye-catching aesthetics are the defining ingredients of a sports car. Add a little more to everything and what you get is a…

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