When does the mundane become classic?

Smiles per Miles

A small event the other day made me ponder the matter of ‘when does the mom’s taxi or decidedly average motorcars of decades past become classics’ or ‘can all cars become a classic past a certain point in their life’? As I’m want to do, it also made me ponder how, from a Marketers perspective, some products have more than one ‘Product Life Cycle’.

Now before I delve into this event and the whole thought process it sent me down, let me introduce you to the Product Life Cycle (PLC). Even if you haven’t come across it before, the concept will most likely be familiar. It’s a standard bell curve and has also been applied in various forms to illustrate other cycles such as the take-up of technology and revenue from products over time. The start of the curve begins at Introduction where the product is Product Life Cyclefirst available to customers…

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