Throwback Thursday: Let’s Go Back To 1982

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  • It’s 1982 and we look awesome!  
  • In 1982 we had the first day of the Weather Channel, EPCOT theme park opens at Walt Disney World, The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated, The Commodore 64 is released and Time Magazine’s Man of the Year is given to the first non-human, the computer!
  • In 1984 Honda was really getting its stride with fuel efficient, reliable value oriented vehicles, hmmm doesn’t sound too unlike what Honda is doing today.  The Honda Civic was getting gas mileage in the 50s and all of the other manufacturers were trying to come up with an answer for the beloved Honda Accord and Civic.  As soon as the competition was starting to figure it out, Honda would raise the bar once more.
  • Check out some of the Honda Ads that were running back in those days.
  • Joan Jet & The Blackhearts had a it with –…

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